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Prime Choice Auto Parts HB613123PR Front Hub Bearing Assembly Pair


The Kawasaki KX250 2 stroke dirt bike was first introduced in 1974 through 2007, so it’s a little easier to find used parts online. The KX250 compared to its sibling the KX250F has fewer working parts that you may need to change. Search for the powerful head pipe, silencer, jugs, pistons, rings, and chains by typing in the exact name of the used part of your choice.

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The real answer is: A rider just like you more often than not. Think about it. If you have ever wrecked a bike, you don’t just send it for scrap. You salvage what you can for your next bike because there’s always a next bike. Those parts you just pulled are used. If you didn’t need them, would you throw a perfectly decent part away? Of course not! You would try to find someone who could use it. Maybe you’d sell that used part to a friend. But what if you couldn’t? Would you still throw the part away? Man, I hope not. Those of us who bike, know those parts are expensive and there is a decent market for used motorcycle parts online. The parts end up on all sorts of direct sites like Ebay or Craigslist, but there are also larger online sources for used motorcycle parts like .