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Boka Car Door Edge Guards Trim Molding Protector Full Size U Shape. Made in USA. Protects edges of vehicle on trunk lids, hoods, doors and grilles (Clear, 6 feet)

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This may happen in a collision, because of rust, or for any number of reasons. While replacing a car door with a brand new door from the car's original manufacturer is one option, it is usually not the cheapest. Instead, choosing a used car door can be a great way to repair a car door without spending much on the repairs. Finding used car doors for sale may take a bit of digging, but they can generally be found at local salvage yards as well as online from ..

Buying a is certainly the most economical solution to replacing a car's door. Usually, used car doors are obtained from a that is the same make and model as the one that is being repaired. A car that has been in a wreck or otherwise totaled may still have completely safe and useable doors. These cars may be taken to salvage yards where they can be stripped for parts, including their doors. In order to purchase one of these doors, it is possible to visit the yard in person, or else to find the specific door that will be useful online through an Internet marketplace. When purchasing a used car door, it is a good idea to choose not only the right make and model of car, but also doors that are from the same year. Even a one year discrepancy can mean that a door will not fit correctly due to tweaks and changes to the design.


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