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Plews 55001 Lubrimatic Fluid Quart Pump, Fits Standard Quart Bottles


You asked before about the fluid pump? The transmission pump is a crescent-type, fixed displacement unit (16cc/rev). You can see in the photos below the two drive dogs that protrude from the inner pump rotor and the corresponding slots in the torque converter impeller tube which engage with them to drive the pump.

– Typically an automatic transmission has a gear pump mounted between the torque converter and the planetary gear set. It draws transmission fluid from a sump and pressurizes it, which is needed for transmission components to operate. When the pump begins to fail or go bad, several signs will alert you. Increased vehicle noise a hum, whirring, can be signs of a bad or weak vehicle automatic transmission oil pump. Check engine light, burning smell, harsh shifting, noises are all good signs to let a pro check out your trans.


PVP - D35016 | Transmission Pump

Hi Guys, this video gives you a hands on explanation on the working of hydraulic transmission pump, its also called as crescent type pump or charging pump of transmission in back hoe loader machine like Mahindra, caterpillar L&T etc.