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  • The basic use of Toyota Tacoma Mud Flaps is to guard your vehicle from dirt thrown up by the tires.

Genuine Toyota Tacoma Mudguard Set PT345-35170. Black 4 Piece Set. 2016 Tacoma

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The Toyota Tacoma mud flaps work with the vehicle fender to protect the car, its passengers, and pedestrians from mud and debris thrown in the air by the rotating tires. These accessories are made of rubber and can be found behind the wheels of your car. They also deflect excessive rainwater and loose gravel. Designed for ultimate performance, the Husky Liner mud flaps keep the mess kicked up by your tires under control. These car accessories are available in a wide range of colors and styles. Make sure you choose a model that suits the overall appearance of your car.

Nothing protects your truck like Toyota Tacoma Mud Flaps. Not only do they protect, but furthermore they bring additional style to an unexpected place. You won't ever again have to worry about kicked up rocks and gravel or dirt and sludge messing up that sweet finish you fell in love with so long ago. Tacoma mud guards ensure that your ride stays cherry for years and years and years. Everyone can agree that's a wonderful thing, and better yet these bad boys are also easy to install.


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