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K&N Performance Cold Air Intake Kit 63-9025 with Lifetime Filter for 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma 4.0L V6


Many Toyota Tacoma cold air intake reviews report increased gas mileage as well as more power and torque, but the results you achieve are likely to depend upon your individual vehicle and how hard you drive it. Manufacturers of aftermarket air intakes take great care to design them so that fuel economy is boosted as well as power, but they're careful not to make any guarantees.

If you notice your engine sputtering as you drive, there may be an air leak. The probable cause is a worn-out air flow meter and throttle chamber. If the meter can't transmit the right signal, there's a loss of the control necessary to send the right amount of air through a bypass chamber to the engine. You will likely notice a decrease in your gas mileage as well, because your engine is being forced to work without the necessary amount of air. Rough starts - or not starting at all - indicate a clogged and contaminated air intake system. And if the idle air control in your 2015 Toyota Tacoma cold air intake is faulty, even that recent a model can suddenly stall and refuse to run.


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