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CNS TK1080 Brand New Direct Fit OE Replacement Timing Chain Kit for VVT-i "2AZFE" "2AZ-FE" "1AZFE" "1AZ-FE" Engine


This is because as the chain wears out, it stretches and the ignition and valve timing becomes more retarded. A worn timing chain, guides or chain tensioner can also cause variety of noises originating from the timing chain cover area of the engine. The timing chain noises can range from rattling to whirring, whining or buzzing. If the timing chain is worn, usually it’s replaced as a kit with a new tensioner, guides, and other parts of the chain drive mechanism. Many autos have two or even three chains in their motors and often your auto repair shop may recommend replacing all the chains at once. Prices for timing chain replacement may vary anywhere from $370 to $1,500 depending on the vehicle model. If you plan to replace a timing chain yourself, you will need to find the correct procedure to set the timing when a new chain is installed. You can find this type of information in the service manual for your vehicle. In old-style pushrod engines, replacing the timing chain is a fairly easy task. No such luck if you have a modern front-wheel drive car with a transversely-mounted engine, as the space in the engine compartment could be very tight. To avoid timing chain problems you should maintain your engine properly and have the engine oil changed at recommended intervals. Using premium quality engine oils and oil filters will also help. Keeping the proper oil level will ensure that the timing chain is always lubricated. In a well-maintained engine a timing chain can last up to 300,000 miles and even longer.
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You don't need to perform a timing chain replacement frequently. However, over a period of time, when the timing chain starts malfunctioning, you need to look into this matter, as your vehicle would show signs that a replacement is needed.


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