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Hotchkis 3003 Mopar Thrust Angle Shim


In the above illustration, toe-in is shown on the left rear wheel, moving the thrust line off center. The resulting deviation from the centerline is the thrust angle.

If the thrust angle is not set properly the vehicle may “dog track”, the steering wheel may not be centered or it could be perceived as a bent axle. Thrust angle can be checked during a wheel alignment.


Whats "Thrust Angle" wheel alignment mean

When a vehicle is measured on a geometry machine each wheel can be independently aligned to the thrust angle with the help of viewing the angles on a computer screen. This is done via separate panels being positioned on each wheel, which are then linked to the computer via lasers. It does not matter if the car only has adjustable front/rear toe, camber, caster or all three. If the rear suspension is adjustable in some form, then a geometry is a must, nothing else will suffice.