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  • The 2017 Honda Ridgeline has all of the benefits of a midsize pickup with none of the compromises, making the ultimate tailgaiting truck.

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A couple month back while checking into the Orange County Walk United 5K at Angel Stadium in Anaheim I was hit by the bug known as hunger. As we stood in line to check into the walk a red knight in shining armor pulled into the parking lot and that knight was The Tailgate Truck. This food truck based out Irvine was a real delight to have at this event.

The menu served is basic, hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese etc... but for me on this day my savior was the breakfast burrito. The breakfast burrito consisted of potatoes, cheese, egg, bacon and salsa and was one of the best breakfast burritos I have had in a long time. The line gradually grew longer as this was the only food in the area without leaving the stadium and returning. Although the food was good the time it took for it to come out was a bit on the slow side. The service was friendly, the pricing was fine it just took far too long from start to finish. This is not your flashiest of the new gourmet food truck scene but a solid addition churning out the basics which on this early morning is exactly what was needed. I would definitely eat off this truck again if it is back for future events in the area. Rating would be closer to a 3.5 but not quite a 4.


So my sister was let down with the choices of food trucks for dinner. Only thing that made her happy was Crepes bonaparte for her dessert option. I wasn't so thrilled by the choices around me as well. But I saw the Tailgate truck and loved the music they were blastin so why not check out the menu. Menu was straight forward. Burgersc dogs and wings. My mom ordered a hot dog and I ordered a Pepper burger .Anyhow we waited for our food and at this point my sister ordered a slider from the Me so hungry truck. I actually tasted the slider and it was BOMB. So by this point I had high expectation for the Tailgate trucks burger lol.

Food came out hot and fresh. I start grubbin. The burger was tasty and I love the peppers/chilis topping the burger. The patty again could have used a lil Lawrys seasoning salt to give it more flavor within the patty. Again people, adding a bunch of toppings doesn't flavor the patty! I still ate that whole thing :D My mom loved her hot dog VERY much.

I will definitely try this truck again and try different items :)


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