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Ford 5R55W 5R55S Transmission Remanufactured Solenoid Block Pack 2002-03 Sonnax

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And I need to stress this right now - the A604 likes cleanliness as much as a hospital surgeon does. You do not want any kind of dirt getting down into the transmission case when the pack comes off, and there are lots of places where that dirt can collect, both in front of and behind the solenoid pack. Clean, clean, clean around this area. Clean the hoses, the wires, the mounting brackets, and anything else immediately above the pack to make sure nothing goes awry when the pack comes off. When you're done, clean it all again. Me, I used Brakleen on the case followed by several sprays from the hose. I repeated this process several times, wiping things off with shop towels as I went. The above shot was taken in between cleanings.

The pack shouldn't put up too much of a fight when it comes off. The gaskets are all that holds it down, at least in my case. Once it does come off, be ready with the shop towels. Wipe any dirt and grime on the mounting surface away from the holes. Remove any bits of gasket that might be trying to hang around. If you think any dirt got down inside the holes, don't fool around - get the shop vac and get it out of there. Yes, you will make a mess of your shop vac that way, but it's better than making a mess of the valve body, no? The solenoid pack is downstream from the pump and filter. Any dirt that gets in these holes goes right into the valve body and then through the rest of the transmission before it gets back to the pan. You don't want that. Take no chances.


A604 41TE transmission solenoid pack Competitors Price $25.94

We offer three rebuild levels (click titles below). The level you need is based on the condition of your ABS pump motor. The most common cause of failure of this ABS system is the solenoid pack. The ABS pump motor may also fail prematurely due to worn-out brushes or burned-out windings. All rebuild levels are covered by our against return failure.