• About ShurTrax
  • The ShurTrax folds up nicely into its own storage bag
  • Roll the ShurTrax out into your truck bed or car trunk
  • The ShurTrax filled to roughly 3 inches, providing about 500 pounds of extra weight

ShurTrax LW-0056 All Weather Traction Aid for Full Size Pickup Trucks/SUVs


“You can stack cargo on ShurTrax. You can leave it in year round. Our users tell us that having ShurTrax in their truck provides a smoother ride year-round, especially with high horse power trucks,” Carty explained.

Carty explained that ShurTrax is a heavy duty product that lies in a truck bed and is filled with water. ShurTrax does not shift and is safer and more effective than other means of adding weight to trucks. He explained that ShurTrax also folds up for easy storage when not in use, or can remain in a truck bed year round.


Product: Shurtrax Traction Weight

These helpful reinforced vinyl traction bags add 100 lbs. each of useful weight above your rear axle. This helps your vehicle avoid weight shift when stopping and turning, and the right ShurTrax Max-Pax Traction System gives you interconnected groups of two or three, whichever makes more sense for your vehicle. Easy to fill with any standard garden house and easy to drain thanks to the included siphon pump, these could not be simpler to use. Better still, when you're done you can roll them up to store until next time. They can handle freezing temperatures as low as forty below zero, and if you don't need them for the weather you can just as easily use them to transport non-potable water.