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Resurrection: The Rich Porter Story Part 2


Richard Porter: last, but not least (though he is the shortest), is Richard Porter. When I joined the RSPB staff in 1986 there seemed to be quite a few people who thought they were important in The Lodge building but I was thrilled to meet Richard Porter as his (with Willis, Christensen and Nielsen) was a classic book that taught me and everyone else so much about how to distinguish between the different eagles, hawks, falcons and buzzards. And Richard didn’t act as though he thought he was the least bit important – he was a real laugh (and still is!).

Closing the case for the Hamilton was Dr Richard Porter, Head of Biochemistry. Porter argued that in the new world, new buildings and structures would need to be designed and built. Hence, engineers from the Hamilton would be needed. Moreover, biochemists, with their intricate knowledge of the fundamentals of life, would be enormously helpful as we begin to rebuild following the Great Flood of 2016. Porter refused to let his Hamilton colleagues down, and as such decided to treat the chamber to a song. He took the liberty to alter the Dolly Parton’s classic “Islands in the Stream” and opened with the lyrics “biochemistry, that is what we are, no one in between, how can we go wrong… and we rely on each other, uh ha”.


Rich Porter was a famous drug dealer in harlem in the 1980’s.

Ladolphlius Richardson, born September 28, 1985 and more popularly known as “Rich Porter”, has been turning heads and entertaining speechless crowds since as early as 8 years old. Realizing in his youth that he was born to entertain, Rich Porter has been wowing the masses with his charismatic style of rapping, singing, and dancing, enabling him to become more than just an ordinary Hip Hop artist, but a seasoned and well sought after entertainer.