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Why you should replace your tie rod ends on your personal vehicle:
Potholes and various bumps in the road take their toll on your vehicle's suspension and steering. Your front suspension and steering components take the biggest hits. While some suspension work is best left to the pros, tie rods are easily replaceable on most vehicles.

Safety and steering go hand in hand, and tie rods play a critical role in ensuring smooth, reliable steering in a vehicle. Drivers should have the tie rods and adjustable ends inspected annually for signs of wear. When tie rods go bad, steering becomes difficult. Tie rod ends, which contribute to the wheels' alignment, play an equally important role in reducing front-end vibrations. Save money on the shop bill and replace the tie rod ends at home within just a few hours.


Replacing Tie Rod Ends on Nissan Xterra

My plan is to replace both tie rod ends at both sides of the drag link and tie rod. I'd like to not replace the tie rod or drag link but perhaps I'll need to. I'd like to be as economical as possible, less money on this means more money elsewhere. I expect to do a lot of joint and gasket replacement (and tool aquisition) in the first year or two. Also, I do plan on having it professionally aligned when I'm done monkeying around with the steering.