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Universal JDM Crystal / Diamond Style 60mm Transparent Pink Bubble shift knob

Too low to display

As Autokonexion's Mike Burless and friend shaved the FD's rear indicator light, radio antenna, rear wiper, and water nozzle in preparation for metallic purple hues, Bruce replaced the tired tan interior that nearly all '93 cars came with, with a black one also sourced from Aero Duo. He also added a pair of Bride Zeta II seats he picked up from former 2NR feature car owner J.P. Cao ("A Welcomed Challenge"; Jan '08), a Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel that an ex-girlfriend bought him (after they broke up . . . what a pimp), Defi gauges to monitor basic engine vitals, and some Pioneer ICE. And the obtrusive pink shift knob, and ugly, fur-laden stereo enclosure in the trunk? "People on the forums were calling the car `gay'," Bruce says, "so I gayed it up even more. F-- those guys."

When it’s really time to party, Lloyd throws on this enormous pink bubble shift knob and shifter extender to use with the W58 five-speed transmission.


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