Things are the way they are. I'm sorry for people that have not done the research in advance and are getting caught short. It was crystal clear to me that if I got PAX tires, it was going to be my responsibility to find out what the local resources would be in the event of a flat. Since we live in a metropolitan area, it is not difficult to get service long before even 100 miles, no matter where we would be in our usual routine of travel. I would not even consider going on a trip without researching the service options available in unknown areas. Also, if people would take the time to read the PAX manual and warranty, they would know how what their rights are. Sorry to say, but I am not surprised that there are uninformed dealerships, etc. out there. Although I was initially concerned, once I did the research, I was very much impressed with PAX and decided to go with the Touring. I am glad to have them and am willing to put up with the potential service inconvenience of being an early adopter. Since, I personally have had only one flat tire in many years of driving, I don't consider flats to be a major issue. However, I actually had a dream (I'm not making this up!) that I had a flat PAX. Case of too much OdyClub, I guess. The funny part of the dream was we kept sitting in some dismal parking garage, and I kept thinking, you know, these are run-flats, we don't have to stay here.