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Hello, my name is Chuck Orlandi, with Miami Shores Auto Repair, here in Miami Shores, Florida. OK, the main parts of a car engine; today's engine's are internal combustion engines, obviously, just the same engines that have been around forever, most of the cars still use that. The main parts would be inside the engine, would be pistons, crank shaft, piston rods, bearings. Then you have the fuel supply system, which consists of fuel injectors, fuel pump, there will be a throttle body on top of the engine, which holds the fuel injectors. And then you have electrical components, which makes the spark plugs spark. There could be a coil per cylinder, or there could be a coil pack that supplies all the cylinders. It really depends on the engine, and the manufacturer. Of course, one of the main, main, main things you want to do with a car to keep it lasting as long as possible, is keep the oil changed. And the reason you do that is to, to protect things like bearings, protect things like piston rings from wearing out. Those are the parts that get the most friction, and you need to keep the oil changed, otherwise those parts won't last very long. So, it's critical, you know, every three, maybe five thousand miles, any where in that neighborhood, change the oil filter on a regular basis, can't stress that enough. I've seen people that don't do it, engines that have not had oil changes in twenty-five thousand miles, and they're already no good, so a very critical issue. The other parts on an engine would be the alternator, which keeps the battery charged. You have a water pump, which keeps the water pumping through the engine. You have a power steering pump, which keeps your power steering working. So there are many components to an engine.

The main parts of a car engine include the pistons, the crank shaft, the piston rods, the bearings and the fuel-supply system. Find out how to keep a car's engine lasting as long as possible by keeping the oil changed with help from an ASE-certified technician in this free video on car engines.


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