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Hot Wheels, 2016 HW Hot Trucks, Custom '72 Chevy Luv [Yellow] Die-Cast Vehicle #148/250

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There was a fairly infamous LUV truck that would race at Houston Raceway Park (Royal Purple Raceway) back in the early 90’s. It was one of the faster regulars out there.

Do you remember the Chevrolet LUV truck? Way back in 1972, domestic automakers owned the North American truck market, but were losing market share to smaller, more efficient trucks, like those offered by Toyota and Datsun. General Motors answer was to call upon Izuzu, in which they held a stake at the time, to bring over the inappropriately named Izuzu Faster rebadged as the Chevrolet Light Utility Vehicle, or LUV for short. Thankfully, GM has rekindled its commitment in the small truck game with the likes of the and GMC Canyon, but a classic is a classic.


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The truck was redesigned for 1981 with the wheelbase stretched by 1.9 in (48 mm) to 104.3 in (2.6 m). The gas engine remained the same but the LUV was now available with an Isuzu C223 diesel engine making 58 hp (43 kW) @ 4300 rpm and 93 ft·lbf (126.1 Nm) @ 2200 rpm. This new engine gave the 2WD diesel LUV a fuel economy rating of 33 city / 44 hwy making it one of the most economical trucks ever built. This engine is also renowned for its reliability; many LUV trucks of this vintage have achieved over 500,000 miles before requiring a rebuild. Chevrolet stopped selling the LUV in the USA after 1982 in favor of their own compact pickup, but Isuzu picked up sales in the US as the Isuzu Pup that same year.