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  • How to Replace a Car Battery Connection. ... How to Fix Loose Battery Cables. A car that is not starting properly or...
  • How to Replace a Car Battery Connection. ... How to Fix Loose Battery Cables. A car that is not starting properly or...
  • Check the battery terminals for corrosion and proper connection. ... How to Fix Loose Battery Cables. ... Signs of Car Battery Problems;...

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I was recently on a boat that was having electrical problems. It ended up being a loose battery cable. We were fishing a tournament at the time. The time spent diagnosing the problem ended up costing us. Not only did the loose cable cause us to be dead in the water for at least 15 minutes, it prevented his batteries from receiving a full charge the night before.

He told police he last saw Scott the night of Feb. 9, 2014, when she drove him from Haiku to about 3 miles past Keanae to retrieve his truck, which he said had stalled there the night before. After fixing a loose battery cable on the truck, Capobianco told detectives he was driving back to Haiku, with Scott following, when he lost sight of her headlights in the Twin Falls area.


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Battery cables must be very tight any lose connections will render the system useless. The copper in the battery cable ages and loses its conductive properties. Any cuts in the rubber jacket of the battery cable can also expose the wire and allow it to oxidize. The ends and terminals of battery cable will corrode. Hard starting or no starting situations can often be resolved with a simple battery cable check and cleaning, tightening or replacement. Our high quality battery cables may be the solution. A starting motor will draw large amounts of current through the battery cable. The battery cables must be of sufficient size to carry such heavy current. Since the battery cables are close to the battery and could corrode, it is important that the battery cable make good electrical contact with the cable clamps. Any loose battery cable connections will result in high resistance and voltage drop that may cause a no start situation, caused by the battery cable.