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So I bought my son a used 2000 Lexus Rx300 and within a month his brakes needed repaired the front passenger side caliper went bad so he went to The auto parts store and purchased a new caliper ...

The U140F is a four-speed automatic transmission that is designed and manufactured by Toyota. It was first put into use in 1999 and remained in production through the end of the 2005 model year. The U140F comes from a family of transmissions that include the U140E, U142E, U151E and U151F. The U140F could be found in a variety of Toyota vehicles, including the , the and . It was also used in the .The Lexus RX 300 is a small size SUV/CUV. It is popular with midsize families and often is used to carry precious cargo (your family). It is critical that you take in your RX 300 so that it doesn’t leave your family stranded in a dangerous spot, such as the middle of a busy freeway.It is recommended that you get your U140F transmission on a regularly scheduled maintenance plan. Although Toyota and Lexus recommend that you can go more miles between services, I recommend that you get your transmission serviced every 30,000 miles. This is cheap insurance that will give your transmission the best chances of a long, useful lifespan.Since transmission services vary from shop to shop, I have come up with a handy list you can use to assure that your transmission gets the proper care. Here is what a true transmission service should include:Another thing you can do to help prolong the life of your U140F transmission is to upgrade the transmission fluid. The U140F originally came from the factory with organic oil based fluid. I recommend you swap out your original type of fluid for a synthetic fluid. Synthetic fluids are much more stable. It will not thicken up in cold temperatures, nor will it break down as easily at hot temperatures, as its organic cousin. Eventually, due to high mileage or abuse, you will be faced with a decision to replace the U140F transmission in your Lexus RX300. I highly recommend going with a over one that was simply rebuilt. A re-manufactured transmission comes with a ; three years compared to an average 90 days for a rebuilt transmission. In the rare event that you need to contact the company that re-manufactures transmissions, they are just a quick


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