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KYB KG5521 Gas-a-Just Gas Shock


World class shocks and struts. Around the globe automakers rely on KYB. In fact 1 out of every 5 cars built around the world use KYB shocks and struts. The KYB Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of original equipment shock absorbers, supplying leading vehicle manufactures with approximately 60 million shock absorbers each year. This equates to 1 in every 4 vehicles worldwide being fitted with a KYB OE shock Absorber.

Everyone is always going to have a different opinion, and if you can already tell I’m a little bit of a KYB fan boy based on my positive experiences with them. In my opinion, the KYB struts offer better performance for very little increase in cost over the Monroe struts. I was only going to save $20 per side going with the Monroe’s, yet the ride would’ve been soft and spongy much like the OEM springs and shocks that I replaced. You can search around the Internet and the consensus is pretty much the same… KYB shocks and struts handle much better than OEM equipment, and Monroe is generally an OEM equivalent replacement with similar valving and damping characteristics. In some applications, KYB stiffens their damping and spring rate (like in the case of ), but it can actually fix factory issues like front end sag in extra soft suspension that muddies cornering/handling.


KYB AGX Shocks Volkswagen Golf [Rear] (99-06) 743029

A. Lifetime: All Branded** KYB Shock Absorbers, KYB Struts, KYB Strut-Plus™ and KYB Strut Cartridges (Except Electronic and Self-Leveling Shocks & Struts)