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  • Koni Yellow Shocks Subaru WRX (2008-2014) Front/Rear
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  • Koni Yellow Shocks Features

Koni (8041 1322LSpor) Left Front Sport Shock for Honda/Acura


If you want performance above all else, look no further than KONI Yellow Shocks. KONI is a worldwide leader in aftermarket shocks and their Sport Shocks are a must-have for performance enthusiasts. These provide top-of-the-line handling while still maintaining a reasonable level of comfort. The fully adjustable design is ideal for discerning gearheads who like to tweak every aspect of their ride.

Not only will KONI Yellow Shocks let you make tight corners with ease but they are built to last. Each is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Koni Sport Yellow Shock Strut for Impreza 8610 1453SPORT | eBay

Today we're going to install the KONI Yellow shocks and struts on a lowered 2015 Mustang GT. The KONI Yellows again are designed for a lowered vehicle, roughly up to and inch and a half drop, which is perfect for the Ford racing springs on our GT convertible. That's because the Yellows are going to be a direct replacement for the factory shocks and struts with one minor modification required for the rear. They're also rebound adjustable allowing you to really dial in the ride for your particular driving style.