• JBA Headers
  • JBA headers are tuned to increase horsepower and torque throughout the rpm range.
  • 2004 GTO 5.7L  JBA Headers P/N 1809SJT, JBA Mid-pipes P/N 2809SYC and JBA Exhaust System P/N 40-3109
  • JBA performance headers and exhaust gives the Dakota even more performance advantage and a tough sounding exhaust to match.

JBA 1676S 1-5/8" Shorty Stainless Steel Exhaust Header for Ford F-150 5.4L 3 Valve 04-10


JBA shorty headers feature mandrel bent tubing, patented Firecone collectors, factory style emission connnections, 3/8 inch thick CNC laser cut flanges, oversized exhaust ports. JBA shorty headers provide the best flow, durability and improved throttle response. They are race proven to provide the maximum horsepower and torque gains. They are easier to install than long tubes, Will not distort like lesser quality headers (no leaks). They provide increased exhaust flow and accomodate ported cylinder heads.

Natural stainless steel.
Made from heavy-duty 409 stainless steel constructions, these headers feature a bare metal finish. They do not have a show chrome finish.

JBA Headers are the first step when it comes to setting up a powerful, efficient exhaust system. JBA's high-performance Headers boast heavy-duty construction with top-quality stainless steel and maximum-flow mandrel bands. The result: huge power gains, towable torque, and heart-stopping throttle resonse.

JBA offers a wide range of Cat4ward "shorty" headers as well as "off-road" long tubes to fit most popular applications. The high-flow design of these headers gives you up to 10-25 extra horsepower! JBA Headers also feature JBA's own patented Firecone merge collector. The Firecone moves spent gas out to the tailpipe quickly, letting your engine breathe easier. This added flow gives you more power, torque, and throttle response, as well as a boost of engine efficiency.

JBA builds your performance Headers to last, and backs them with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Note: Many applications are a simple bolt-on installation; however, welding may be required in some applications.


JBA Headers and cats - Nissan Titan Forum

Cat4ward Shorty Natural Header (1964S) by JBA®. Primary Tube Diameter: 1-3/4". Collector Diameter: 2.5". JBA shorty headers are one of the best performance upgrades available for any application. Hot Rod magazine rated headers as one of the top 10 power parts installed on a vehicle. JBA shorty headers are significantly less restrictive than the stock manifolds on a vehicle and dramatically increase the power and efficiency of an engine. JBA's original shorty design is an innovation of the old long tube header. The new shorty designs yield high performance gains that hot rodders and enthusiasts look for. With durable stainless steel construction that can survive the abuse of racing, towing, and daily driving, these headers can take a beating. With heavy duty features and patented technology, like the JBA Firecone® collector, JBA shorty headers have the capacity to produce more power than any other shorty headers on the market. Each system includes high quality hardware and thorough instructions for a professional no-leak installation.