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Spectra Premium TB1010 Fuel Injection Throttle Body Assembly

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The Impala Body Kits & Conversions is often credited with starting the muscle car era, although the credit for that really goes to Pontiac when it released the GTO. In the 1960s, gasoline was cheap and consumer demand for power exceeded the need for efficiency. Buyers were clamoring for as much room, performance, amenities and quality as they could get for their dollars. Afraid it would lose out to an in house competition, Chevy released its muscle car, the SS, soon after. In 1961, the Impala Body Kits & Conversions SS (Super Sport) was introduced to the market. The SS badge was to become Chevrolet's signature of performance on many models, though it has often been an appearance package only. The Impala Body Kits & Conversions's SS package in 1961 was truly a performance package, beginning with the high-performance 348 in� (5.7 L) engines (available with 305, 340, and 350 hp (230, 255 and 260 kW)) or the new 409 in� (6.7 L), which was available with up to 425 hp. The package also inclued upgraded tires on station wagon wheels, springs, shocks and special sintered metallic brake linings.

Impala Body Kits & Conversions are a popular modification to sport cars. A body kit can be a great way to make your vehicle look cool and exotic. If you have seen the fast and furious movies then you know how nice a car can look with a body kit. Most the cars that appeared on that film had the same body kits we carry here. With some basic painting and good installation your car can look just as good if not better! Installation of body kits can be done by yourself or by a shop. Its best to have a body shop paint your body kit. Installation of most the Impala Body Kits & Conversions are done by screws or special adhesive to the original bumpers. Don't forget to look at our other body kit accessories such as grilles and LEDs to make your car look even more exotic.


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