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How Cars Work: Engines, Diesel Fuel and Brakes

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It looks like this is from the same series of films that produced the excellent piece on , and to that end they present a great series of demonstrations and shots starting from the basics. As you watch the video, try to keep track of how many new things you actually learn. I'm not talking about the big stuff, either (i.e., yes you're learning how a transmissions works), but smaller things. Sure, I know what a gear is, but I had never really thought of a cog as a series of interlocking levers.

Last time we covered some general info about , and also reviewed few motorcycle models. Now let’s see how the automatic transmission works, so we will have better understanding of this sophisticated technology. Also we will provide 2 short reviews on most affordable automatic motorcycles in India. And one detailed review about an automatic bike.


How automatic transmission works - YouTube