• Hood Latch & Pin Kit
  • You already have a broken headlight; strike oneThe hood latch won't close securely; strike two
  • Corvette C5 C6, Pontiac Solstice Saturn Sky, Hummer H2 Hood Latch Striker
  • 2005-2007 Buick Rainier, Bravada, SSR, Trailblazer Hood Latch Assembly

Smittybilt 7601 Black Hood Catch Kit


Here is the hood latch, up near the front of the car. Thecable on my car passes through the opening to the back of theheadlights. To remove the latch, the plastic headlight assemblyrear cover must be removed. This picture doesn't show the cover,but it is right by the battery.

After removing the two 10mm bolts, you can see the tracks thatthe bolts can slide up and down in to adjust the pickup point ofthe hood latch. In my car, it only works if the latch is in thetopmost position in the tracks.


Replacement Direct Fit Hood Latch - JCWhitney

How to unstick a hood latch on a Chevrolet Prizm so that the hood will close and latch properly after being opened. It's a similar mechanism for most other cars.