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Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit "All Bulb Sizes and Colors" with Premium Ballasts - 9006 (HB4) - 6000k - 2 Year Warranty


I just installed hid headlights in my car but it focuses just infront of the car. I can not see anything far away which makes difficult to drive at high speed. What could be done to fix it? Is there any way in which i could set it to focus far away objects ?

I have found fog lights combined with HID headlights to be the best for my type of driving. At medium and high speeds I want the most reach I can get, and the HIDs (usually or always offered only on the low beams) permit the design of the high beams, though not HIDs, to focus the most light in front of the car. And the low beams are so bright that they require a costly motorized mechanism to be sure they are always focused in the right direction vertically regardless of vehicle load and road tilt. They also have a very controlled cutoff of light at the top of the beam so that they can be used at medium speeds (45 - 55 mph) without blinding oncoming traffic. In that kind of driving I supplement them with fogs that have an even sharper cutoff at the top of the beam but throw more light closer in and to the sides of the road to light up signs and nearby road barriers, again without glare to oncoming traffic - I never observe oncoming traffic flashing their high beams at me. I have three cars of different brands with both HIDs and fogs and all three seem to be quite similar in performance and way superior to any incandescent or halogens I have had.


VVME 6000K HID Headlights - Headlight Reviews

One of today’s most popular vehicle modifications, HID headlights are a great way to increase the light output of your headlights. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, and represents a lighting technology which uses Xenon gas instead of a traditional filament. When the lights are turned on, a high voltage is applied, igniting the gas and creating an arc of light more than 3x brighter than traditional halogen bulbs.