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Fabtech FTS21000BK 6" Performance Suspension System Component Box 1


Note: Each Fabtech Lift Kit includes different combinations of parts. As well, installation times and methods vary by kit and by vehicle. Please review your kit's installation instructions before purchasing to view the complete part list and make note of any required welding or modifications.

Lift up your truck or SUV for superior ground clearance and exceptional performance with a Fabtech Lift Kit. Fabtech has an unmatched reputation as a designer and manufacturer of quality suspension lifts, with highly durable components and fine-tuned vehicle-custom designs. Every Fabtech Lift Kit is custom-built to your exact vehicle and contains everything you need for a full installation.


4'' Fabtech lift kit for a 2005 Jeep TJ

For over twenty years Fabtech is known as the premier producer and innovator in offroad industry. It beats its competitors in aftermarket suspension parts. Quality and innovation are the core principles the company follows when creating Fabtech lift kits and Fabtech shocks for discerning offroad enthusiasts. Fabtech provides you with the latest and superior innovations moving the metal fabrication industry forward and is always happy to introduce new products.