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Dorman 901-119 Driver Side Front Door Lock Switch


Power door locks switches from Eckler's will get your door locks operating right again. Whether its failed from wear and tear or simply will not do for the next show, Eckler's has you covered. Power lock switches from Eckler's are sourced with the highest quality standards in mind to give you the very best for your C3 or C4 Vet. Power door lock switches from Eckler's are the right choice for your classic Corvette.

The headlight switch is located on the left side of the steering wheel. An indicator of a problem with the headlight switch would be inoperable headlights with an illuminated instrument panel, you may also have a chime warning sound. The sound similar to when you leave you headlights on when exiting the vehicle. The hazard light and door lock switch are integrated into one unit. It is located in the center console and can be changed without removing any trim panels. You can also replace the bulb for the hazard / lock switch if needed. See the steps below.


Camaro Door Lock Switches - Rick’s Camaros

If above, in the door lock section 4. “If ALL door locks work only in one direction, ether to lock or unlock but not both, then the problem is likely to be a bad door lock switch.” In my case its both switches (driver/passenger) that unlock ALL locks but not lock any of the locks and this is intermittent. I tried swapping the passenger door lock switch for the drivers side, same problem which I think would eliminate the switch. It doesn’t seem to be bad wiring as its same whether I move wiring around near switch or not. COULD it be that the BCM could simply need the contacts cleaned (i read where a guy with snowmobiles says when he unplugs every last wiring plug on the snowmobile 2 or 3 times and puts them back (it cleans the contacts by the act of plugging/unplugging) that it seems to miraculously make it work. Any help would be nice (all the door solenoids seem to work very well WHEN it does work intermittently). Thanks. Frustrated.