• * 180 kinds of Standard and custom rubber CV boots
  • Give Henry a call. The CV boots should last longer than 12,000 miles.
  • Here is the bummer for you people. My 1998 protege with 192K has its original cv boots. Intact! Ha-ha
  • So... should I be concerned? Does this type of leak warrant installing new inner CV boots, or is there an easy fix. What do you guys think?

Dorman 614003 Universal Fit CV Joint Boot Kit


The most fundamental aspect when replacing CV boots is to make sure you get the correct type for your individual ATV model. These are not universal parts made to fit a variety of makes and models. It has to be the right make, model, and year. For example, if you have an ATV that is a Honda make and TRX 300 model manufactured in 2008, you cannot substitute the CV boots for parts made for a Yamaha Big Bear 400 made in 2002. Every ATV needs certain specifications for the ATV CV boots to work properly.

As a responsible owner of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), it is essential to the life and function of your vehicle to routinely check constant velocity boots for damage. These small rubber casings known as CV boots encase the CV joint to protect it from irreparable damage to your ATV CV axle. This product keeps water, pebbles, and other debris from corroding your inner joint while protecting the outer joint as well. Replacing these smaller items is more affordable and easier than fixing the axle itself. An ATV axle can be an expensive part, especially when factoring in the cost of labor to install the part or the time invested if you decided to do it yourself. When damage has occurred to the cv boot, it is only a matter of time before the damage reaches the rest of your vehicle. To keep your outfit in excellent shape, ATV CV boots need to be checked regularly and replaced when needed. Aside from routine checks, you will feel a difference in the way your vehicle handles, such as hearing a clicking sound when wheels are spinning or a slight shudder when trying to accelerate or brake too quickly.


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Your vehicles CV boots should be inspected regularly and if the boots crack or start to leak they should be replaced. If the CV joint becomes contaminated with road grimes or dirt, the axles (CV joint) may become damaged, increasing your expense and the possibility of a vehicle breakdown.