• Covercraft Noah® Car Cover
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  • The Covercraft NOAH car cover is comprised of four layers to provide maximum all-weather protection for your vehicle:

Covercraft Custom Fit Car Cover - NOAH (Gray)


Made in the USA using fabric from one of the most respected names in material manufacturing, Kimberly-Clark. The Covercraft Noah Pink Ribbon Car Cover is designed to keep water and moisture out from under the cover. Made with a 4-layer fabric and utilizing a unique manufacturing process that produces both strength and softness, the Noah Car Cover has no equal.

Join the cause in the fight against breast cancer with the purchase of a Covercraft Noah Pink Ribbon Car Cover. Not only will you be showing your support visibly but financially as well. A portion of all proceeds go directly towards breast cancer research.


Covercraft Noah® - 100% Fully Custom Cover

The Covercraft NOAH truck cab covers are going to give you full cab and all weather protection. The 4 layer design is able to protect your truck's cab against harsh elements such as rain, snow and sleet as well as harmful UV rays. The exterior 2 layer design is a spunbond polypropylene/polyethylene, which is highly durable and UV ray resistant. The middle layer of fabric repels water and offers tiny pinholes, which allows water vapor to escape. The inner layer consists of a polypropylene/nylon mix that offers your ride the gentle touch it deserves. The breathability combined with the moisture repellent qualities make these truck cab covers ideal for all weather conditions. The Covercraft NOAH truck cab covers are also adding protection against unwanted guests, out of sight out of mind. Covercraft NOAH truck cab covers are highly durable and work great for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you are looking to protect the interior of your vehicle from harmful UV rays or the exterior from moisture and other debris, the Covercraft NOAH truck cab covers offer what you are looking for. Made by Covercraft.