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my car wont start, if i drive for a few kilometers and then i try to start it it refuses, if i leave it for a few minutes to cool down it starts, a few days ago i woke up and it started, it only drov...

My birthday I leave work to go home for a nice dinner waiting for me. Car wont start. Turn the key and the car hums, what the heck. With a jump the car would start. Battery is less than 2 years old shouldn't be dead. Did this for a few days as middle of week and work schedule busy nobody in small town available to fix or look at car during my non-work hrs, I work 7am to 7pm. Finally get it to a local mechanic, tests all the relays all the fuses they register as being fine. We replace the battery and battery cables. starts when it dang well feels like it, a few times then nothing. Only way to start is to run a jumper from starter relay to starter. Can't do that forever, because have to have the air-filter cover and filter off to reach the stuff. One local mechanic tells me I need to get the computer re-booted after having my car for the week. 100 miles form nearest Chrysler dealer. Took to local electrical automotive repair but he doesn't have equipment for computer fix, has to be at the dealer, after almost a week, he finds the ignition switch in the steering column in pieces, dang thing made out of pot metal, what's up with that. So the fix is either replace the whole steering column and ignition, because you cant just get the ignition switch, or run a separate push button starter and hope for the best. minimum $500 to $3000. At any rate a crummy birthday.


Troubleshooting -- and Fixing -- a Car that Won't Start