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Dorman 741-686 Ford Lincoln Town Car Front Driver Side Window Regulator with Motor


Electric windows are great ... when they work. Unfortunately, car window regulators sometimes give up the ghost, and you're stuck with a car window that won't open or close. Car window regulators and window motors can freeze up or get clogged with gunk, rendering them, and your power windows, useless. Worse still, power window motors and window regulators can cost a fortune at from the main dealer.

A car window regulator is the device that makes it possible for your power windows to go up and down. Your window regulator may or may not need to be replaced often, depending upon the age of your vehicle. Window regulators in older vehicles are gear-operated, and should not need to be replaced often. In newer vehicles, window regulators are basically wire-driven, and may need to be replaced more frequently.


How to Fix a Broken Electric Car Window: 11 Steps

The car window regulator in your vehicle is the component system that controls the raising and lowering of the side windows in your car. There are two primary types of window regulators; automatic window regulators use an electrical mechanism to raise and lower the windows in the vehicle according to a switch that you flip. Mechanical window regulators have a detailed system of gears and interlocking parts that require the passenger or driver of the vehicle to turn a small knob on the inside of the car door in order to raise or lower the window. The cost of fixing a broken window regulator on your car is dependent upon a number of different factors, the most important of which is typically whether the window regulator system is automatic or mechanical.