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Extra Large 26 x 15cm Magic Anti-Slip Non-Slip Mat Car Dashboard Sticky Pad Adhesive Mat for Cell Phone, CD, Electronic Devices, iPhone, iPod, MP3, MP4, GPS - Black

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recently attended the New York Auto Show to dig deeper into what the plans are, and what we can expect from our future car purchases. The response and innovation is mind-boggling when you start thinking about it. In addition to their reporting, I managed to dig up some customized future car dashboards, designed by , which could become available when these digitally customizable car dashboards finally become available in our cars.

Each DashMat is custom made. We buy your specific cars dashboard, our craftsmen make a custom pattern, and then we make samples until we get a perfect fit.


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Most car dashboard are simple overfrighted. McLaren and Mercedes are simple and clean i think – also the Lamborghini Murcielago. Koeningsegg is just a joke.