• IIHS Small Car Bumper Damages. Toyota RAV4
  • Stainless steel Car Bumper Protector , Front Guard Plate for INFINITI FX35 / QX70 2009 - 2014
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GOLD EDITION Bumper Bully Extreme - The Ultimate Outdoor Bumper Protector, Rear Bumper Guard, Extreme Bumper Protection, STEEL REINFORCED STRAPS PREVENT THEFT !

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Introducing the new all new 2011 Bumper Blocker, the ultimate accessory front and rear bumper guard for safer parking in New York City parking garages. It’s an innovative bumper protector and bumper guard designed for both front bumper protection and rear bumper protection. When used properly it may help prevent and protect against minor scratches and marks to a car bumpers finish, during parking maneuvers (1MPH).

Car Bumper Protectors: Car bumper protectors come in many varieties, so choosing the best car bumper guard will depend on where you park (i.e. indoors/outdoors, parking garage/street), your vehicle type, and your risk tolerance. The best car bumper protectors for NYC garages will give you 360 degree car bumper protection. This provides maximum car bumper protection from accidental parking related scraps and scratches.


IIHS Small Car Bumper Damages. Nissan Sentra

Car bumpers are not meant to reduce the high-speed impacts or collisions but there are many situations where car dashes or lightly collides at front or rear side, bumpers can reduce the bumps and damages out of it. Bumpers are the legal necessity mentioned by jurisdiction. The height and placement of the bumpers is also specified legally to ensure road safety and to avoid major damages.