• Car Brakes – Breaking Bad
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  • Well Carbon ceramic brakes are after all, only really beneficial on cars used 85-100% on track. Otherwise, standard brakes are completely fine.
  • Modern cars have brakes on all four wheels, operated by a hydraulic system

ACDelco 14D1159CH Advantage Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set with Hardware


There are also of brake fitting stations who fit car brakes and whilst some are better than others these do about 80% of the work on car brakes in the USA and 60% in Europe.. Other people servicing car brakes include independent garages, main dealers and about 8-10% of them who use the home install method.

Brakes have changed very little in their basic concept since first introduced in the mid 1950’s after drum brakes because less fashionable and the industry standard has become disc pads working on cast iron brake rotors. Cast iron is a very useful material in this application since it is relatively inexpensive and able to withstand huge temperatures in use of brakes without degradation of the material matrix. In heavier vehicle such as cars and with such uses even steel would distort and buckle and would not be an ideal choice for brakes. Motorcycles however do use stainless steel brake rotors in most cases because the brake rotors on a motorcycle are external and run at quite low temperatures. A recent study of from motorcycle brake temperatures showed that the brake rotor itself never exceeded 280 degrees C in temp whereas car brakes regularly hit 300-400 degrees and even more. Cast iron brake rotors, which are made thicker on car brake application than a steel motorcycle rotor are quite heavy and this tends to limit from being used on Motorcycles where weight is an important consideration.


Car Brakes: "Hydraulics" 1936 Chevrolet Auto Mechanics

At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we use only use the best brake parts. That's why we use Qualis rotors and drums when servicing your car brakes.