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Tenhulzen Auto 3300 2-Wheel Alignment System All-in-one tool

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Hi everyone! I'm releasing my first prototype, and maybe further prototypes of my car alignment tool...the first prototype is obviously not perfect, but it works as a proof of concept and is quite sexy in use!

This is a mini series about car alignment and what you need to know and do prior you bring your car to a mechanic. Your knowledge can save you some money in the end if you know what you are talking about when you communicate to a mechanic. Wheel alignment is an important factor in maintaining your car balance and ride quality. It is really frustrating and annoying when your car doesn’t go straight or making a humming sound at high speeds. Every time you run over a big pothole that you can’t avoid, there is a chance that the alignment on your car might be dislocated.


How do I know when my car needs to be ..

On a solid rear axle vehicle, this requires a thrust angle car alignment that allows the technician to confirm that all four wheels are "square" with each other. Thrust angle car alignments also identify vehicles that would "dog track" going down the road with the rear end offset from the front. If the thrust angle isn't zero on many solid rear axle vehicles, a trip to a frame straightening shop is required to return the rear axle to its original location.