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Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Tuner for Gas Applications


Bully Dog programmers allow you to make modifications to the computer settings in your car. However, once you connect the Bully Dog programmer to your car, the two devices "marry" to each other and from that point on you can only use the device with that specific car. Depending on the situation, if you need to reset your Bully dog programmer you will experience one of two different outcomes.

Advise the technical support department that you need to have your Bully Dog programmer flashed or 'unmarried" to your car. The technical support representative will make a decision on what steps to take.


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Bully Dog products are developed with the driver in mind, and each of you has a different need and desire. Each Bully Dog performance chip and Bully Dog programmer is built to be flexible, allowing to get their own result, from outrageous performance on the racetrack to improved fuel economy driving down the highway. This is evident with the Triple Dog™ GT line of products, the Performance Management Tool™ and a number of other products.