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Brembo P28034N Front Disc Brake Pad

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The biggest, baddest brakes available to date from Subaru are the STi Brembo brakes, using a mammoth monoblock four-piston aluminum caliper in the front, along with a huge 12.7" rotors. Most late-model Subaru cars share the same front brake mounting, so you can bolt up these front brakes to almost any 2002+ Impreza, Forester, or Legacy. Keep in mind you'll need wheels to clear these large brakes, which means at least a 17" wheel. And just having a 17" wheel doesn't guarantee fitment either, because the wheel needs to have enough spoke clearance to fit over the caliper. MOST, but not all, of the wheels we sell will fit over Brembo front calipers.

Note that only 2004 WRX STi rotors are going to bolt to the 2002-2014 WRX cars, because they share the 5x100 bolt pattern. 2005+ STIs have a 5x114.3 bolt pattern, and the rotors will not bolt up to the 5x100 cars. (2015+ WRX have 5x114 hubs.)

The REAR STi Brembos will NOT bolt to 2002-05 cars easily, for two reasons. One is that there's a caliper mounting bracket that is different. And even if you had a bracket that would allow you to hang the caliper on, the inner diameter of the STi rotor is larger than that of the other cars, so the parking brake that fits in there would not reach the rotor. The we sell comes with both the caliper mounting brackets AND special rear rotors that are large on the outside, and smaller on the inside to fit the non-STi parking brake.

Brembo Motorcycle Front Brake Caliper Kits -
Brembo brake calipers from the High Performance (HP) division is the perfect blend of performance and price. Choose between the GP4-RX Billet HP caliper, HP Billet caliper in Nickel Cadmium or standard finish, or the M4 monobloc caliper casted in a single piece. Upgrading to HP Brembo Calipers will give a considerable improvement in braking performance and looks as well. Brembo HP calipers are designed as bike-specific bolt-on kits and include all required mounting spacers and hardware.

Available in: Brembo GP4-RX Caliper, Brembo Billet 2-Piece HP Caliper (Nickel Cadmium / Standard Finish), Brembo .484 Black Caliper and Brembo M4 Cast Monobloc HP Caliper.

Brembo Motorcycle Rear Caliper Kits -

Brembo offers a rear caliper upgrade kit that allows you to improve the rear braking performance for your motorcycle without the headache of custom fabrication. Perfect for street or track riders looking for better performance, Brembo rear calipers are designed as bike-specific kits and comes with all necessary mounting hardware / brackets.

Available in: Brembo Billet Rear Caliper kits & Brembo Cast Rear Caliper Kits

Front Motorcycle Brembo Brake Rotor Kits -
Brembo Rotors are constructed from stainless steel and feature a drilled design, full floating buttons and anodized gold carrier. Brembo's drilled rotor design runs cooler and reduces the rotating mass yielding better braking performance. Additionally, the full floating design allow the brake rotor blade to stay 100% in contact with the brake pads to maximize friction during braking. Brembo rotors are designed as bike-specific kits and come in OEM-spec and oversized kits.

Available in: Brembo T-Drive Brake Rotor Kits, Brembo HP Brake Rotors Kits & Brembo Groove Rotor Kits


Brembo Brakes - Big Brake Kits, Drilled - Vivid Racing

Developed using their extensive racing experience, Brembo brakes allow enthusiasts to significantly improve their car’s braking performance. No longer must enthusiasts settle for long stopping distances and fading after a few hard brake applications. Your high performance car should stop as well as it goes. Brembo engineers design each upgrade kit for the specific vehicle. They select the exact combination of Brembo brake pads, brake discs, and calipers that will give you the best stopping power and be fully compatible with your master cylinder, ABS and traction control system.