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BMW Carbon Fiber Seat Belt Cover Shoulder Pad Cushion (2 pcs)


One of the most unique and slick sports cars on the market, any BMW Z4 owner should consider themselves incredibly lucky for owning such a cool ride. With defining traits like a long hood, hunkered down stance, and a front-engine/rear-drive layout, this car's personality is undeniably defined; everyone will know who you are driving down the road. If you'd like to take your car's character to the next level, you've come to the right place. AAG carries all the best BMW Z4 accessories on the market. With a vast set of uniquely crafted parts, your Z4 will be the source of all the neighborhood jealousy on the block. And don't forget - each performance part comes with 100% free shipping! Take a look below and drool over all that your Z4 could be in just a few clicks!

Winning Automobile Magazine's highly-esteemed "Design of the Year" award upon its debut, there's no question that the BMW Z4 has one of the best exterior designs of any sports car out there today. But just because you drive a sports car doesn't mean you have to sacrifice practicality; the Z4 employs a highly fuel-efficient turbocharged four cylinder engine, making it one of the most well-rounded sports cars you can buy. This vehicle's surprisingly roomy interior and cargo space make it an even better buy, proving you don't have to squish into an uncomfortable position to take a ride in an ultra-cool car. But just because your Z4 is already a great ride doesn't mean it couldn't be better. With our vast selection of custom-made BMW Z4 accessories, you won't believe all it could do for you. Our Hawk ceramic brake pads eradicate dust and noise for high-performance braking. They're designed for stable friction, meaning your brake life will last longer than ever! If you're needing something to get your interior looking even sharper, look no further than our Coverking seat covers. Made with breathable mesh material that allows you stay cool and comfortable, they also have a sporty look and style to them at a very competitive price. They also come in a wide array of exciting colors! So what are you waiting for? Your Z4 deserves the best, and you've got it right here with us at AAG.


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