• aftermarket catalytic converter
  • We do not install used or uncertified aftermarket catalytic converters.
  • To install a Ford Focus aftermarket catalytic converter, you will need:
  • To search for EOs of exempted aftermarketcatalytic converters, please go to the following pages:

Magnaflow 99205HM Universal Catalytic Converter (Non CARB compliant)


You cannot install an aftermarket catalytic converter on a car when the current converter is still functioning properly, or the replacement is under warranty or recall.

If you want to know how to use aftermarket catalytic converter to increase performance, you need to look at the entire system. Many people think that installing an aftermarket converter will give them significant performance enhancements. However, there are other less costly changes you can make that will give you bigger impact on your performance. You can add a cold air intake or a street header and get more impact. You might also consider a to reduce pressure inside the catalytic converter. All of these have a lower cost than a converter and give you more impact.


OTC Aftermarket Catalytic Converters Policy Guidance

Installers of aftermarket catalytic converters are required to complete a warranty card in triplicate with the original going to the customer, one copy to the installer, and one copy to the manufacturer of the converter.