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AEM 22-401R Red Short Ram Intake System


With over a quarter-century of experience, AEM truly knows the ins and outs of air intake design. AEM Air Intakes are designed to extract true racing performance from your engine, with hi-tech, high-flow features that provide unprecedented air flow. AEM Cold Air Intakes feature true mandrel-bent pipes, which means the pipe's diameter stays the same through the bend. This lets the air flow smoothly and quickly, without any restrictions or changes of pressure.

Choose from a variety of AEM Intake styles, including the AEM Short Ram Intake and the Brute Force Air Intake. For extra versatility, go with the AEM Hybrid Intake - this intake includes a removable section of tube so you can use it as either a cold air or short ram intake. Whatever system you go with, it will come with one of AEM's high-performance DryFlow air filters, which provide ample air flow and protection from dust and debris. Plus, each kit is backed with a Lifetime Warranty.


AEM Cold Air Intake System - FREE SHIPPING

The decision to go with the AEM intake was made mainly because it comes with a CARB-exempt sticker (making it a legal upgrade in California) and that other than the AEM logo on the filter box, it looks stock. Don't be fooled into thinking that because the filter isn't exposed it won't make as much power as an open element. The only difference between the two is noise. If you want the constant whooshing sound from your turbo, then an open element is for you; if you've grown tired of that noise (like me) and want a low-key setup, then a setup like the AEM intake is best.