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2002-2004 Acura RSX Duraflex I-Spec Body Kit - 4 Piece


Made of the finest materials, such as carbon fiber and polyurethane, each and every body kit features high quality and extreme durability. The most common parts in an Acura RSX body kit are hood, spoiler, and side skirts. However, bumpers, grille, fenders, valance, and rear wing can also be included in the package. By mixing and matching any of these components, you can get a truly unique look for your RSX. Besides, it's very enjoying to add your own personality to the vehicle!

Some people think that body kits are only for a decorative purpose, but some parts from them can play an important role a vehicle's performance. Spoilers, for example, can improve your RSX's aerodynamics and decrease drag at a high speed, enhancing gas mileage. A hood with scoops, in its turn, increases the speed and pressure with which air enters the engine's intake. This results in better output of the engine and smoother handling. CARiD has collected a great number of Acura RSX body kits specially crafted for your vehicle's sub model and year, so you can be sure of a precise OEM fit of any component.


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