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Fuel cleaners designed to improve the performance of the car, will this hurt or help the driveability of a 1993 Chrysler Lebaron Convertilbe, 109,000 miles? Will the fluid transmission fix help or hurt the transmission?

Will a throttle cleaner help or hurt the driveability of the car?

2> What kind of cleaning products are best for the top?

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1987-93 Chrysler LeBaron Convertibles

I just got a 93 chrysler lebaron 3.0L v6 4 speed automatic this summer. All the fluids were replaced a few years ago and its due for an oil change pretty soon. It's in great shape with 115K miles. Drove perfect all summer. Had some problems with leaks (convertible) but nothing else. Recently in the cold new england weather, it's been doing funny things. Most can be blamed on the cold but I just wanted to make sure. Recently I was parked facing downhill. I went to start the car and it was about 35-40 degrees. It started fine. I put it in reverse lightly touched the gas to move it over a small snow mound. I released my foot from the gas and the engine stalled. I turned it off, put it in park, waited a while and tried starting it again. It wouldnt turn over. I could tell it wanted to because it felt like it was grabbing but it wouldnt fully start. I tried this a few more times over the next ten minutes. Finally I turned the key with the accelerator down a little. It struggled and then vroooom!! it started. I drove it around a bit to bring it up to temp. I parked, shut it off, waited and then started it again. It started perfectly fine. Whats the deal here? Should I be worried or just blame the cold?