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I got my car last Janruary in 2009. I replaced the serpintine belt, water pump, radiator, when i first got it. it drove ok, then i replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, and O2 sensor...after replacing these 3 things..i notcied that my check engine light would only come on if i was driving on the interstate. i let my mechanic know, he ran a diagnostic on it and said it was running rich..said it was not a bad thing, i am a girl so im not sure what rich means. he said it was no big deal and that was all what is wrong with my car. i replaced the EGR valve, and i got all new spark plugs and wires this year thinking maybe it would help..still not improvement.. is there anyone who is knowledgeable about 89 chevy caprices?

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I need help guys.
Last night transmission in my beloved '89 Caprice Wagon let go, it slips completely in all the forward gears. I was coming down a long hill using low gear for several minutes and when I put it back into OD at the bottom it seemed to skip a little but it was still making power well enough. I got off the freeway at my exit and stopped at a red light, when the light changed I was reving high but barely creeping through the intersection. I pulled over and this is what I figured out:
-All the forward gears make essentially no power any more.
-Reverse seems to work normally.
-The fluid is at a normal level and not discolored or burnt smelling.