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My parents had a 67 Galaxie 500 4 dr hardtop with a 289 v8. I learned to drive on that car. Same interior as on this car ( black vinyl) remember that car well

Does anyone know what the value is on one if these 120 67 Galaxie 500? I know of one in a storage unit and want to know if it’s worth it to buy.


Yay! You're now following 67 ford galaxie 500 in your .

Also available was one of two 428s, a 345-horsepower version and a 360-horsepower police interceptor. That is a lot of horsepower, but the main purpose of the 428 was to provide extra horsepower for accessory (e.g., air conditioning) laden cars and plenty of low-end torque. For serious performance, one had to select the 427; few buyers did. The standard engine for the full-size line (except for the LTD and XL which came standard with a 289) was the 150-horsepower, 240 cubic inch Big Six; however, most ’67 Galaxie 500s came with an extra-cost V8 which was typically a 289 or a 390 2-bbl.