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HI-I had to replace my 2001 MBZ 2001 C240 in January because a Corolla hit my car and mine was declared a total loss. I bought a 2007 C230 Sport thinking it was basically the same car. However after driving it for a few months-it actually hurts my back to drive it. I even got a seat support, but I still feel the road way to much for my comfort level. It has tires that are smaller in front and larger in the rear. Is there a way to make the ride more comfortable and "normal"? And Is it possible to change those tires to "regular" tires? Or--do I need to get a completely different car? Thanks so much!!

Are there any tips or key pieces of information I should know about when
replacing the spark plugs on my 2007 C230 Sport (V6 2.5L)?

I want to make sure it's as simple as it appears and there are no snafus
involved in the process that could lead to other issues.

Process as I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong):
1. Remove Air Intake cover that holds the air filters.
2. Locate spark plug.
3. Detach electrical lead to the spark plug assembly
4. Remove screws holding spark plug assembly in place.
5. Lift out the spark plug actuator/module assembly
6. Using a 5/8" socket with a 6" extension, loosen and remove spark plug
7. Replace old spark plug with OEM spark plug, by hand tightening via 5/8"
socket w/ 6" extension.
8. Re-insert spark plug actuator/module until it is seated flush with the
mounting screw holes.
9. Re-insert screws and hand tighten
10. Re-attach electrical lead
(Repeat Steps 2-10 five more times and reattach Air Intake cover)

Did I leave anything out?


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