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i drove my 2006 mercedes r350 to work and when i came out for lunch i noticed the car leaning severely to the right. i took the car to have it diagnosed and was told it was the rear air spring suspension. my warrant paid to have the vehicle repaired and the part was replaced. two months later the vehicle was leaning again. i took the car back and was told it was a part defect and they replaced it at no charge to my warranty company. just this saturday, august 3, 2013 i came out from the movies to find my car leaning for the third time. i contacted the warranty company and was informed that it was a 1 year warranted since it was last fixed on september 25,2012 so i took the car back to the shop that fixed it and was told that now its the opposite side of which was fixed but the car is leaning the same position as the last 2 times and now i have to pay out of pocket to get it repaired because my warranty has ended. i have also had problems with the intake manifold something in the engine and the trunk/liftgate latch not closing and sensor not working where the trunk would slam on your head without stopping from the motion. the motion sensors have also been a problem where they would constantly sound off when nothing is in the way. the passenger seat assembly has also been repaired since i've had this vehicle. something is also going on underneath the vehicle which has caused my front tires to suddenly bald severely without warning.

during driving my 2006 mb r350, warning light (check tire pressure) was on. and i pulled it over and found that the tires are fine but the vehicle leaned on the right side. i changed a suspension sensor at dealer, but it happened again one week later. i found that several other owners near me have same problem. i cannot understand why the maker have not recalled it.


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This 2006 R350 Mercedes Benz was used as my long distance driver, I personally put the last 10 thousand miles on the vehicle, we purchased this vehicle from the insurance company it had small damage to the front, due to this it has a Nevada Rebuilt title, I have not had a single issue with it and consider it to be one of the best all around vehicles I drove in a long time, considering the six passenger capacity and an excellent MPG for a vehicle of this size. Similar R350 's sell in the mid 20's, if you looking for a good reliable car on a discounted price this is it.