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After just a day before writing this article we were telling you about a 28-year old Chinese mechanic, who has made himself a and used car parts after spending approximately 10,000 USD, the Italian supercar made in a limited run is entering our news once again, but not as you might have expected. A 30-year old man from Odessa, Ukraine, has turned his 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse into a replica of the Lamborghini Reventon.

Criminal Mischief
Parking Structure Three
A 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse was broken into and a bag stolen. Officer Michael Anderson found the bag in the northwest stairwell on the third floor.


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Vehicle: 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder I bought my 03' spyder gts in Nov. 2011 with 127k miles at a used lot. I am writing this on 5/22/2014. I love this vehicle. So much. I have the 5 speed manual tranny, and this thing has some JUICE, to the point where, despite having been through 2 fender benders with no repairs other than cosmetics, still beats the faster 2007+ mustangs and ricer hondas/nissans/scions. Oh, my 03 eclipse is completely 100% totally stock. It now has 178k miles and not only runs brand spankin' new but still beats new cars in accel. contests. Despire neglecting oil changes, being through 2 wrecks, taking it off roading, putting it through hell on the street, this is the most reliable vehicle i have ever owned.