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This is coworkers 2003 Lexus SC430 that she rarely brings to work, carpools with husband, so i figured since she brought it to work today i would make a video about it. This vehicle has a hardtop convertible that i did not demonstrate. It also has 45,366 miles which is extremely low for the year. It's a short video, hopefully when she gets back from vacation, I will make a driving video. Its shorter, because she had an appointment to get to and i caught her at the last minute. Enjoy, and rate and comment. I hopefully will have more soon. Maybe a suburban...

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Thread: 2003 Lexus SC430 Convertible CarPC

The 2003 Lexus SC430 is tagged as 2+2 coupe with the rear seat primarily serving as extra space for luggage, given the very small trunk. It can accommodate four adults, but the legroom in the rear cabin is next to zero. The interior design is dominated by leather, wood, and other natural materials that are in line with the luxury living room concept of the Lexus cabin. It comes standard with a nine-speaker system by Mark Levinson that booms out 240 watts. The gauges are large enough to provide easy feedback for the driver. The rest of the controls for the lights and systems can easily be reached. It has a wind dampener located at the back of the rear seats. It also comes standard with power front seats with ten-way adjustment and a power steering wheel that tilts and telescopes for a more comfortable driving experience.