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While the Grand Marquis is not new, the 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis could very well be. This year’s model is basically a brand new car, with a new suspension system for improved handling, a new steering system, renovated styling both inside and out, and newly added standard equipment. The Marquis is offered in GS, GS Convenience, LS Premium and LS Ultimate trims with a 224 horsepower 4.6-liter V8 as standard. In addition to seating capacity for up to six passengers, the Grand Marquis comes nicely equipped with air, cruise, keyless entry and full power accessories.

I read the article about Ford agreeing to settle a lawsuit involving defective plastic intakes on 1996-2001 Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis cars. I just paid a local Ford dealership to replace a defective plastic intake manifold on my 2003 Grand Marquis for the same exact failures described in the article. The cost of repairs was $1116. I feel that Ford, despite knowing that the intakes were defective, continued to install the same intakes in 2002 and newer vehicles. I want Ford to reimburse me for the cost of repairs. I have pictures of the cracks on the intake removed from my car.


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The 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis offers the smooth and comfortable ride consumers would expect from a luxury sedan. This is thanks to its 4.6-liter, V-8 engine and four-speed automatic transmission. Thankfully, it has a lower price tag than many of its competitors, and the added bonus of rear drive. Many Lincoln Town Car fans turned to the Grand Marquis for its similar driving style and affordable price.