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The 2002 Audi TT is all about touring in style. Not only does the combination of the 225-hp engine and quattro technology ensure confident and road-gripping handling on back roads, but the interior luxury cocoons you in the sleek bubble that is the aluminum-bodied TT. It seats four, but the backseat is put to better use folded down for extra trunk space. In the Roadster, the soft top stores in the trunk, cutting down on capacity. New in 2002, an in-dash CD changer replaced the odd behind-the-driver's-seat changer in previous TTs. Heated seats were available, to keep you warm even with the top down.

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2002 Audi TT Repair: Problems, Cost and Maintenance

I recently bought a 2002 audi tt from a used car dealer, and had a few issues with the fuel gauge. After taking it in, they replaced the instrument panel to try and fix the problem, as well as the f...